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These days, we find that a lot of people are being cheated by Company, Job Consultants, and Agency in pretext of employment. We have take an initiative step to protect your hard earn money from such fraudulent people.

Kindly Mail us Your Grievance

SP Consultancy Services shall provide you free legal help/ consultation (pro bono) to all those people that have been cheated and harassed by such fraudulent persons.

For Company:

We shall provide the following legal services to organizations having strategic partnership with us:

  1. Labor Courts and Consumer Forums case.
  2. Assistance in legal proceeding of Suits.
  3. Appear and Conduct Criminal and Civil matters.
  4. Drafting of Contracts /Agreements like Service Agreement, N D A, MOU, POA.
  5. Drafting of Legal Notices, Written Statement, Due Diligence, Plaint and Petitions.
  6. To Provide Assistance in Registration of Trademark, Patent and Copyright.
  7. To  provide assistance in registration of Trust Deeds, Sale Deeds, MOA &AOA.

For more details : www.legalhelp.com